Wheeler Dealers Volvo P1800 Part 1 _ 5.mp4

Mike Brewer And Edd China Restore a magnificant Volvo P1800

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Wheeler Dealers Volvo P1800 Part 5 _ 5.mp4

Volvo P1800 footage in The Saint (tv show)
http://www.volvotips.com is the ultimate Volvo website which will contain all info about classic Volvos! If you need any parts manuals, hints and tips or service manuals you can view them at Volvotips.com. We're still developing the website so stay tuned for extra info about your favorite Volvo car. This video shows some nice footage of Roger Moore (who plays Simon Templar) in The Saint, a tv-show started in 1962 where a Volvo P1800-series car has been used. The P1800 that was in the show is a Volvo P1800 Jensen and a 1800S, see the story below for the complete detailed story. A white Volvo P1800 (with licence plate ST1) driven by Simon Templar, played by Roger Moore, was featured in the TV series The Saint beginning in 1962 and played a prominent role throughout the entire run of the show. Roger Moore was so smitten with the Volvo that he bought one for his own personal use. Two new cars had been introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961, a Jaguar E-type and the Volvo P1800. Jaguar was first offered the opportunity to provide an E-Type for the TV series but declined, feeling they had too much demand already and not seeing the need for additional press. When asked for a P1800, Volvo jumped at the chance. This led to an increase of sales of the P1800 and the creation of a 1960's icon. Initially, Volvo lent two cars for the series, one for static studio shots and the other for moving shots. When the P1800S came along, one of the earlier cars was cut up to allow better interior shots. When the series The Return of the Saint was created in the 1970s, Jaguar made up for their mistake and offered the new XJ-S for the series. Volvotips has exclusive permission of Volvo Cars and Volvo Heritage to publish all content of Volvo, including service manuals, greenbooks, parts catalogs and promotional material. Please visit http://www.volvotips.com for all info about the Volvo PV, Amazon, P1800, 240 and 260-series, 740, 760 and 780, 900-series and 850.

Volvo P1800 restoration
The Saint car Volvo P1800 from 1967 full restoration

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