M3 Grant Tank - Home for my Radial Engine Beltring 2005

This is where my Radial engine ended up... in an Ex Range Wreck M3 Grant Tank. The video shows its first outing at the 2005 War & Peace show down in Kent. "restoration" was by Carl Brown of C+C Military. SEE Video of engine running , on my drive, before it went into the Grant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS9okhmNeR0

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Оживший "Зверобой" ИСУ-152
Официальный спонсор канала - портал http://royal-investments.net/ Хочешь испытать "Зверобой" в максимально реалистичных условиях? Заходи и стреляй бесплатно! http://costplace.ru/54623ada8b30a8e4718b4567/subaccount Подробнее об этом можно почитать в моей статье на блоге компании: http://npf-tanais.blogspot.ru/2012/09/1944.html А это видео было снято сразу после нахождения самоходки: http://npf-tanais.blogspot.ru/2012/09/152.html Это видео о советской самоходной установке ИСУ-152. Группа специалистов, которая занимается поиском советской и немецкой техники времен Великой Отечественной Войны нашла и завела данную еденицу советской техники. This video is about Soviet self-propelled unit ISU-152. A team of specialists, which is searching for Soviet and German military machines produced during Second World War, has found and repaired this unit.

War in Ukraine. Greatest tank battles in Donetsk, Shooting Tanks. Compilation TANKS HD
The Battle for Donetsk International Airport. Heavy Firefights During Intense Clashes In the Old Terminal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja4VZhN-8H4

1928 Henderson Deluxe Antique Motorcycle Running

WW1 Tank Almost Gets Cameraman
A replica World War One British Mark IV tank is loaded onto a low-loader truck and almost gets the cameraman who beats a hasty retreat while filming the vehicle. Filmed on the Wellington (New Zealand) waterfront in 2003 as the tank was on its way to participate in an airshow in the South Island. -- http://www.aviationfilm.com Copyright © 2011 Historical Aviation Film Unit This video material may not be reproduced in any form (except as an embedded video on any other website), without the written permission of the Historical Aviation Film Unit.