Legit As Fuck "Buick Fucking Power"

Buick Power 3.8L ls :( wish it was a gs but what ever.

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1970 Buick Stage2 quickest pass
4000lbs running 11.10s@121, WOW that's fast with class.

Buick Boys Toys GSCA (Buick GSX) Midland, Texas
Some of the toys in Midland, Texas- Misty- 1971 GSX (plat. Mist) Scar- 1970 GSX (gray) Mufasa- 1970 GS (white) Simba- 1971 GSX (Saturn yellow) Sarabi- 1971 GS convertable (white) 1972-GS 1987 GN

67 Buick Skylark. 455/th400
67 Buick Skylark. 455/th400 sound clip

Buick gs body off restoration
Still at it had to go trough motor again didn't make 2012 power tour Trying for 2013