Brushless Hub motor as 3 phase generator

Example of using a Golden Motors 48v 500w brushless hub motor as a generator. Hub motors make excellent generators as they produce useable voltages at very low RPM. Just turning the pedals with one hand (~110 rpm at motor) it can produce 15v @ 3 amps (45 watts). Brushless motors are 3 phase and require rectification with 6 diodes or (1 1/2) bridge rectifiers. Pick one that is designed more for torque then speed, 8-9 rpm/volt works best.

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The inside of an e-bike hub motor, with planetary gears.
Showing the inside of an e-bike hub motor, with planetary gears. This motor can also be used as electric generator, for alternative energy projects, because it has magnets inside. Its a 3 phase brushless motor. To get DC out of it, you'll need a 3 phase full wave bridge rectifier circuit.

First Power Up - 10kW Brushless DC Hub Motor
Re-uploaded because the original file was corrupt. Everyone is excited about Graham's new Hub Motor that just arrived. So we powered it up from a random controller that was lying round. See comments for more info. Aslo:

DIY Pelton Hydro Power with a 500W EBike Hub motor
Used a 500W hub motor and some spoons to make a pelton turbine hydro generator. This is the working generator running off of a garden hose. The plan is to take it up to the gold claim and use it to power the cabin and charge the batteries that I use in my wash plant.

Electric Motor to Motor, can they self run?
There is a idea floating around the internet about self running two motors that are connected together. This is just a Demo of two 12v Dc PM electric motors connected together with a small flywheel between them, the idea on the net is one motor acts as a drive motor and the other as a generator when spun up the claims are the two motors can run each other like a closed loop can this work? This video is just a basic experiment and explanation, I don't go into detail and there are many factors involved. I have a small flywheel in the middle of the two motors to address kinetic energy, I know it's not balanced very well and it's crudely built. This is just a simple experiment good for a kids science fair project can show motor to generator AC to DC current, etc. This is only low voltage. Don't forget about the laws of Physics, conservation of energy -Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but can only change form.