Brushless Hub motor as 3 phase generator

Example of using a Golden Motors 48v 500w brushless hub motor as a generator. Hub motors make excellent generators as they produce useable voltages at very low RPM. Just turning the pedals with one hand (~110 rpm at motor) it can produce 15v @ 3 amps (45 watts). Brushless motors are 3 phase and require rectification with 6 diodes or (1 1/2) bridge rectifiers. Pick one that is designed more for torque then speed, 8-9 rpm/volt works best.

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The inside of an e-bike hub motor, with planetary gears.
Showing the inside of an e-bike hub motor, with planetary gears. This motor can also be used as electric generator, for alternative energy projects, because it has magnets inside. Its a 3 phase brushless motor. To get DC out of it, you'll need a 3 phase full wave bridge rectifier circuit.

500W 24V brushless hub motor max 165RPM high torque
500W 24V brushless hub motor max 165RPM high torque. You can also see two 120W Winmate ATX power supply that power the motor. Song is from Youtube "free" audio library and the name of the song is Speed Trap by DJ Armbuster Lewis.

Power station for RC hybrid vehicle (First run)
More info: Russian - English - Hybrid system consisting of a fuel engine work in a pair with the motor-generator, batteries and motors of the board transmission. A fuel engine - ASP 160AR is a two cylinder horizontally opposed 4 stroke glow engine 25cc 2HP. As the motor-generator uses a three-phase synchronous motor Turnigy AquaStar T20 3T 730KV/1280KV Water Cooled Brushless Motor. To start the fuel engine Turnigy AquaStar motor connected to the controller Castle Creations Mamba Monster. Just to start the fuel engine is used Hobbywing Two Cylinder Engine R/C Glow Plug Driver. In generator mode 3-phase current is rectified through a conventional three-phase diode bridge at 50 amp.

Electric Motor to Motor, can they self run?
There is a idea floating around the internet about self running two motors that are connected together. This is just a Demo of two 12v Dc PM electric motors connected together with a small flywheel between them, the idea on the net is one motor acts as a drive motor and the other as a generator when spun up the claims are the two motors can run each other like a closed loop can this work? This video is just a basic experiment and explanation, I don't go into detail and there are many factors involved. I have a small flywheel in the middle of the two motors to address kinetic energy, I know it's not balanced very well and it's crudely built. This is just a simple experiment good for a kids science fair project can show motor to generator AC to DC current, etc. This is only low voltage. Don't forget about the laws of Physics, conservation of energy -Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but can only change form.