Yamaha Warrior Road Star 1670cc's!

One of our friends let me ride this beast! 2006 Yamaha Warrior 1670cc CCs ( Check out how big the muffler is! )

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Motorcycle Speeds by in the Median
We must have been going to slow for this guy because he flew by us, passing all three of us in the median. This guy obviously didn't pay attention in motorcycle safety class...... Check out more videos at http://www.motorsportstube.com

The Devil's Whip Aprilia Shiver, WR250X, and RSWarrior "too much traffic"
Going up The Devil's Whip (NC80) on my Road Star Warrior, I ran into a WR250X. Then an Aprilia Shiver 750 came up behind us while we were stuck behind traffic and passed me, so I followed him up to the top. Way too many cars out today. Don't forget to check out http://www.blindkenny.com for the latest pics and info from The Devil's Whip. Rate and Subscribe. If you like it, Comment!!!! If you DON'T have anything nice to say, Leave a COMMENT Anyway!!!! Thanks! and ride safe

Yamaha Road Star Warrior Rear 300
02 Custom with Bub Exhaust Power commander 300 Avon cobra tire Ducati single sided swingarm Vrod headlight cowl Lower front belly cowl License plate relocate

Yamaha Road Star Warrior turbo sound