RDP Motorsport USA Challenger and SRT8 Jeep by steven leerentveld

RDP Motorsport Blown Challenger smokes then and srt8 Jeep running 11.07 by steven leerentveld

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2012 Challenger RT(sold) & 2007 Jeep SRT8! Burnout, GoPro, Music, Exhaust, HD!
Sorry for the wind noise, only day off..with rain and wind.

RDP Motorsport USA Promo Video by steven leerentveld
RDP Motorsport Tour by steven leerentveld Shop: http://bit.ly/eHVPNj Visit: http://bit.ly/gFPq64 Watch: http://bit.ly/dWOw5F

Worlds Most Powerful SRT8 Challenger at Drags by RDP Motorsport USA
RDP Motorsport hanging sideways on the launch

Insane SRT8 Challenger BURNOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huge SRT8 Challenger Burnout by RDP Motorsport by steven leerentveld