How to understand automatic chokes part 5

I've noticed many people drive vehicles with inoperative chokes. Even though chokes can be intimidating, repairing and adjusting them actually is very simple. So, stop pumping that accelerator and follow along as we look at how chokes work and how to repair them.

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How to adjust carburetor mixture screws
Here's how to find and adjust the mixture screws on your carburetor. If you are doing an initial setting after rebuilding, turn each screw out 2-1/2 turns from lightly seated as a baseline to get the engine started. Note that metering-block style carbs such as Holley and Demon more often have one or 2 mixture screws in each metering block depending on the number of venturi. Also those may not be located at the bottom of the carb as in factory carburetors.

How to adjust Quadrajet secondary air doors
These take some trial and error to get them adjusted so that there is no bog, but it's not hard to do-here's how.

electric choke adjust
If you want faster response just go to Mightyram50,net. How to make adjustments on an electric choke. Do it on a cold engine

A Discussion About The Choke on a Four Barrel Rochester Carburetor
(Leave annotations on) Forgive me of my slurring words, I recorded this video first thing in the morning. This is for YouTube user "thestuffz". I hope this helps, it is a very easy adjustment. I have heard of some repair shops charging 70 bucks to adjust the choke on older carburetor equipped engines. Save your money, Its a very easy adjustment. I also forgot to mention there are notches on the choke housing. If your choke is adjusted properly, you shouldn't have to pump the accelerator any more then 2 or 3 times to start the engine, and the engine shouldn't stall out once it fires over.