1990 Laser RS Turbo Engine

Walk Through of a 1990 Laser RS turbo including specs

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1992 Plymouth Laser AWD Turbo
The video is for my brother... Here is your babe... ENJOY!!!

C.A. Production - Plymouth Laser 1990 Burnout - Fifth gears
Plymouth Laser 1990 burnout

2g GSX AWD Engine & Transmission installation
Included in this video: Installation of AC Compressor, flywheel, clutch, transmission, mounts, shift linkage, transfer case, and the improper way to install a clutch slave. The transmission is a TRE stage 2.5 with 4-spider diff upgrade. The clutch is an ACT Extreme 6-puck (sprung) Can't use the street disc anymore because I cook 'em. Don't ask me where to get the bronze shift-linkage bushings, I bought them used.

Plymouth Laser Rs Turbo DOHC
1991 Plymouth Laser Rs turbo DOHC 2.0 195cv totalmente restaurado y en forma xd