BMW 335 vs M5

BMW 335i 2008 MODS: Juicbox Plus running at Medium Boost 1) Juicebox+ / Medium Boost vs BMW M5 Mods: 1) Eisenmann 3 Exhaust System 2) AFI Scoops 2 Races Race1: M5 on P400 Race2: M5 on P500

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M5 vs Tuned 335 vs E46 M3
///M5: RPi Scoops and Block Off plates, Eisenmann Race Mufflers, P500 Sport E93 335i: JB3, Intakes, Scoops, Full AA Exhaust E46 M3: Dinan intake

BMW 335i vs AUDI s5
carrera corta en la calle. Short race on the street

Honda Civic SI VS BMW 335i
Civic SI is on Boost on a stock motor, the 335i has mods too. Both cars are 400+ HP (this is for the people who think the 335i was stock)

07 BMW M5 bolt-ons VS 07 BMW 335i Stage 1
BMW M5 has axle back Exhaust, intakes and that's it I believe. BMW 335i has a Cobb Accessport running the Stage 1 aggressive tune, everything else on 335i is stock 40-110+ pulls Kinda crap runs everyone kept cutting us off, I don't blame them but fuck, we just wanted some clean runs! Close tho! First run the 335i hit limp mode due to bad timing in cylinder one, that's why I got spanked so hard that run. Disclaimer- all runs done in Mexico we do not nor do we support street racing of any kind!