Cold Start Buick LeSabre 307 V8 (reuploaded)

Reuploaded Buick Video...ike most Oldsmobile engines, this is widely regarded as a durable workhorse engine, hard to kill without applying undue abuse. Reasonable uses and reliable maintenance such as consistent oil changes and basic tune-ups may be expected to give a long engine life. The 307 is quite capable of hauling and/or traveling at freeway speeds and long non-stop durations, A car built to last!

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Will it run? 500$ Buick Lesabre
A couple gallons of fresh gas, 3 new fuses, and a steak-knife to jump the starter relay! Lets see if this old Buick will come back to life

1983 Buick Electra Cold Start - 2015
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New Years Day Cold Start #1 - 1983 Buick Electra Park Avenue 307 Engine
307ci Oldsmobile V8 - First battery failed, second battery saved the day and fired the engine over.

Buick LeSabre 2003 Dash Pad Removal and Replace Part 1
Part 1 of 3 videos. Links to Part 2 and Part 3: (Part 2) ( Part 3)