Cold Start Buick LeSabre 307 V8 (reuploaded)

Reuploaded Buick Video...ike most Oldsmobile engines, this is widely regarded as a durable workhorse engine, hard to kill without applying undue abuse. Reasonable uses and reliable maintenance such as consistent oil changes and basic tune-ups may be expected to give a long engine life. The 307 is quite capable of hauling and/or traveling at freeway speeds and long non-stop durations, A car built to last!

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1983 Buick Electra Cold Start - 2015
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Garage sale find 1985 Buick LeSabre w/60k orig.
Found this car at a yard sale

Insane Jump by a Buick La sabre
A video for everyone to enjoy.

1984 Buick Lesabre Limited Coupe
(BEFORE) New Project, All Stock. Remote Start Carb. Motor. Much More Installing, Coming Back With New Video When Done.