Cold Start Buick LeSabre 307 V8 (reuploaded)

Reuploaded Buick Video...ike most Oldsmobile engines, this is widely regarded as a durable workhorse engine, hard to kill without applying undue abuse. Reasonable uses and reliable maintenance such as consistent oil changes and basic tune-ups may be expected to give a long engine life. The 307 is quite capable of hauling and/or traveling at freeway speeds and long non-stop durations, A car built to last!

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1983 Buick Electra Cold Start - 2015
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Will it run? 500$ Buick Lesabre
A couple gallons of fresh gas, 3 new fuses, and a steak-knife to jump the starter relay! Lets see if this old Buick will come back to life

Starting the 93 Buick Lesabre
Starting the 93 Buick Lesabre

Garage sale find 1985 Buick LeSabre w/60k orig.
Found this car at a yard sale