GSXR 600 Crash

Rider was uninjured. Crash on Mulholland Highway near Malibu Ca Comment from rider "I locked the front brakes at the last second when i knew for sure im going down. i wanted to lay the bike down as apposed to going over the handle bars. i remember not being able to bring the bike back down after i straightened out, i had my head turned and eyes on the road until right before i went into the ditch. You're right i did go into the turn hot, i was rolling through the turn and when my front wheel wiggled i made the mistake of chopping the throttle."

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Crash - Rider Launched Over Guardrail - 2/19/2012
Rider gets thrown over guardrail but was not injured. The CHP arrived to assist rider. No citation. Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles has been a popular location for motorcycles & fast cars for decades. Car and motorcycle clubs are regular visitors every weekend. Jay Leno can often be found at the famous Rockstore and at a view point called Lookout talking with fellow motor enthusiasts. Crashes are common as well as a heavy police presence on most weekends. The Snake is a two mile section of Mulholland above the Rockstore. Riders usually will make multiple runs allowing me to move from corner to corner when assembling rider videos. The speed limit is 45 mph, most riders are not going much over that so the majority of tickets are crossing the line, wheelies or equipment violations. Bicycles are up here all the time but motorcycles and bikes seem to do fine together as long as the cyclists are willing to stay to the right. Cars passing them are a bigger problem since there is no shoulder and most turns are blind. I mainly shoot on the last corner coming up because I can see much of the road and photogs are expected. The turn gets it's fair share of crashes but people crash other places also just no one is filming. The top corner I shoot seem to average one crash every couple weeks in the summer, out of many hundreds of riders. 911 emergency services are rarely called and accidents are seldom reported since most riders do not get injured severely. Google Street View -

Graham Flips a Stoppie Roc 2012
My good buddy flipped a stoppie and got hurt really bad. he shattered his femur and collar bone and fractured his hand. He doesn't have health insurance and cant work so he really needs our help. Yes its stupid to not have health insurance and do what we do but the reality is we are all broke stunters and cant afford it. We do what we love and put all our money, blood and sweat into it. please support your fellow rider!! anything helps and please spread the word!!! The fundraiser PayPal is GRAHAMPION@YAHOO.COM PLEASE SUPPORT! PLEASE SHARE! You can also support by going to this link and buying a Graham T-Shirt Filmed by : James Redden

Снижение скорости не убьет тебя/Motorcycle Accident
ПО ПОВОДУ ВАШЕЙ РЕКЛАМЫ НА МОЕМ КАНАЛЕ ПИСАТЬ СЮДА: или в соц.сетях Я Вконтакте: ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________ НАША ГРУППА ВКОНТАКТЕ *************************************************************************** ********* Социальный мото ролик,направленный на соблюдение скоростного режима мотоциклистами. Берегите себя. оригинальное название: Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction 'TAC TV road safety commercial Про наш канал: Ремонт мотоциклов своими руками yamaha,honda,suzuki,kawasaki,урал,иж юпитер,ява. Тест драйв мотоциклов Переводы популярный видеороликов Популярные видео в сети на мототематику (мотоаварии,moto crash,fail,humor) Обзоры мотоэкипировки Ну и много всего интересного планируется. Канал постоянно обновляется!

Road Hazards
IMO Riders line took him over an uneven spot on the roadway causing the front wheel to slide out. Good reaction from guy behind. Could have been much worse. Both are experienced riders You can't really see the uneven road but it has caused a number similar crashes. Here is one