twin 3a racing mufflers on a pontiac sunfire GT

trying out our new 3a racing mufflers. dont mind the skechy editing job.

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Sunfire FAIL! Instagram - MarkFreeman408 Sunfire doesn't start for us so we take the trucks out mudding!

Really Fast Turbo Sunfire :Friends Rides Edition
Dave shows us his one of a kind Pontiac dubbed The Suntank Daves channel:

2.4 liter sunfire gt aftermarket exhaust.
Cold start and warm up plus a couple little revs at the end. It is a 4-1 header with a high-flow magnaflow catalytic converter then to a dual magnaflow cat-back system. Header back is 2 1/2 inch piping. *SKIP TO 1:08 FOR ENGINE REVVING*

Pontiac Sunfire 2.4 dirt race car
My Sunfire i've built last summer for our little dirt championship. Has the 2.4 twin cam with 5 speed transmission.