Plymouth Duster 1973 Dyno

v8 on Dyno

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Loadng the Dart
Dad gets to have some fun! We took the Dart to a car show this afternoon and loaded it up in the street in front of our house.

Corvette Dyno 00:37
A little movie from a giant motor in a beautiful car. Look at 00:37...

Cuda Hemi 440 six pack Dyno run
American Muscle car Mopar Hemi 440 six pack horsepower dodge Plymouth Chrysler jeep RAM 272 HP 334 torque

duster 408 stroker dyno pull
1973 plymouth duster. 360 stroked to a 408. eagle forged rotating assembly. mopar performance aluminum heads, roller rocker arms, polished mopar performance intake manifold. 446hp 559 trq stock cater thermoquad carb was choking it and timing issue