Plymouth Duster 1973 Dyno

v8 on Dyno

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'70 800+hp Blown Plymouth Duster sound
Piikkilä Veli-Pekka 1970 800+hp Blown Plymouth Duster 8,2l sound JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM:

Dyno run - Hilborn Hemi Plymouth Duster
1973 plymouth duster with a 5.7 hemi, Hilborn Injected. 2700-7000 rpm pull

1972 Plymouth Duster 1/4 mile run on dyno 10 sec car
10 sec car on pump gas, street tires, and through mufflers. all with a small block mopar. Here at Big 3 Racing we make it go fast

Dodge Duster VS Dart Street Racing
they might have got up to 70 in 45 the cops usually sit down their shooting radar