Plymouth Duster 1973 Dyno

v8 on Dyno

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Corvette Dyno 00:37
A little movie from a giant motor in a beautiful car. Look at 00:37...

Loadng the Dart
Dad gets to have some fun! We took the Dart to a car show this afternoon and loaded it up in the street in front of our house.

NYADI Racing Mike Natoli 71 Plymouth Duster 340
Indianapolis Mopar Madness. New York Automotive and Diesel's 340 Duster Steel Headed 71 Plymouth Duster Drag car. Driven by Instructor Mike Natoli. Best pass of the weekend was a 10.31

my 1973 plymouth duster
had it since i was 14 now im 18, been working on it with my grandpa. Now my car is up for sale email me if you want to buy.