Building a Lego Technic #8043 - Motorized Excavator in 5:26 secs.

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LEGO GBC 20 modules 【レゴ】 玉ころがしをつくってみた
20 GBC modules built by me. 4 modules(screw,sweeper,shovel,pump) based on Philo's . The module at 5:24 based on Isogawa's. The pneumatic module at 7:00 using Linmix's image. Some other modules being inspired by GBC fan's.

A Solidworks Assembly Animation of Lego Technic Motorized Excavator 8043
The full assembly of the Lego Technic Motorized Excavator 8043 painstakingly recreated in Solidworks. Piece by Piece.

Arctic Hobby Land Rider 507 RC Excavator Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips Honestly the one I was most excited about was the fire truck, but this might be the best one...

LEGO Technic 42006 Excavator Review and Comparison to LEGO Technic 8043
This is an HD video review and product demonstration of Lego Technic 42006 with a side-by-side comparison to Lego Technic 8043 from 2010. Il s'agit d'une révision de la vidéo HD et de démonstration de produits de Lego Technic 42006 avec une comparaison côte-à-côte pour Lego Technic 8043 à partir de 2010. Dies ist ein HD-Video-Rezension und Produkt-Demonstration von Lego Technic 42006 mit einer Side-by-Side-Vergleich zu Lego Technic 8043 aus dem Jahr 2010. Это видео обзор HD и продукт демонстрация Lego Technic 42006 со сравнения бок-о-бок в Lego Technic 8043 с 2010. Please subscribe to be notified of new uploads: Please rate, comment, and subscribe to view all my other brick builds and reviews. Brand - Lego Set Name - Excavator Set Number - 42006 Theme -- Technic No. of Pieces - 720 Year of Release -- 2013 Price - $80 Mini figs - None. Ages: 10 - 16 High Quality 16:9 HD I am the only one to be an owner of this video at this time. Please feel free to share the link to this video, but I obtain rights until further discussing. LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. This is an independent site not authorized or sponsored by the LEGO Group.