ChumpCar 2013 Road Atlanta - #99 Special Forces DTM

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Chump Car, Road Atlanta, Hong Norrth #39 Sumbich MGD 1, February 9th, 2013, 11:10am
Driver is MGD. Time of video start approx. 11:10am Good stuff at the following times: 31:05 - Small bump with GT30 32:00 - Pass a lot of cars in T1 32:25 - Holy closing speed in esses! 35:22 - Fastest Lap of the race for Sumbich 42:55 - Yagi spin 48:30 - Late braking 10a pass

Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series 2013 Road Atlanta - #79 ModSquad Racing MR2
Race Start - 3300cc powered 1991 Toyota MR2 at Road Atlanta Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series. Mike Helm driving. Car sponsored by Optima Batteries, RedLine Oils, ZipLine Welding Booms, Racing Strong Motorsports

ChumpCar Road Atlanta 2014 - Stint 3 Zach Hill #83 "Maximum Oversteer"
Our third stint at the ChumpCar 14-hour endurance race at Road Atlanta, with Zach Hill at the wheel. This is Zach's first time in a wheel-to-wheel race, first time in a FWD car, and his first time at Road Atlanta. We ended up finishing the race in 6th place out of about 80 cars that finished. Big thanks to our crew members Aaron DeLong and Noah Fleming, we wouldn't have been able to do this without them!

2012 ARRC Spec Miata Road Atlanta Danny Steyn
In a closely contested race, Cliff Brown holds off the challenge from Danny Steyn. Jim Drago is an early contender but an off in Turn 5 ends his chances. Brown and Steyn pull away to wing over over Drago and Blake Clements. If you want to skip to the good part - watch from 12:00 onwards and see how the last lap pass attempt succeeds and then fails as I get to greedy in T7. This video shows the start, the first 4 laps and the last 4 laps...... middle section of the race was just like the beginning and the end! Brown and Steyn were never separated by more than 0.3 seconds for the entire 20 lap race. Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support