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2010 camaro hit govenor

4th gear pull


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2010 Chevy Camaro Surprise!
Toms Camaro Surprise! I wanted to surprise my husband with a new Camaro for our Anniversary. He liked them from the start, but would never indulge himself. Just like his father he has always put everyone elses needs ahead of his own. I thought it was time he got his! I love you darling! We all kept this secret for about 5 months! Not even our two little granddaughters spilled the beans. Thanks to everyone who made this day so special for us.

2010 Camaro
This shows the outside and inside of the car including the Rally stripes and gm performance Exhaust. Enjoy!

02 trans am ws6 vs 2010 camaro ss
happy fun times

My 2010 Camaro: v6 2Lt/RS 304hp
This is a vid of my 2010 Camaro. even though this is a v6, it has 304hp. Chevrolet also makes a v8 which is 426hp! Thanks for all the great vids on your Camaro's, they deffinately inspired me to get one and make a vid. i will be making another vid of my dad driving it. thanks for the 1,000 views today! (8-23-09) *Update* 4,000 Views today! (10-10-09) *Update* 5,000 Views!!!!! today! (10-22-09) *Update* 10,000 views!!!!!! today! (12-18-09)

Shelby GT500 Crushes Camaro SS! - Drag Race Showdown
When we first pitted the Camaro SS against the Mustang GT, Ford fans complained it was an unfair race given the horsepower disparity. But now Ford has tipped the scale way back in it's advantage with the top of the line supercharged snake, the GT500. We head to the drag strip to see how the underdog Chevy stacks up. Shot By: Mike Suggett & Jim Gleason Edited By: Jim Gleason & Mike Suggett

0-146 mph 2010 Camaro V6 (auto)
0-146 mph in a 2LT 2010 Camaro V6 (auto) in sport mode everything stock. 87 octane gas and mobile 1 oil synthetic.

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2010 SS Camaro, burnout and donuts for early morning breakfast. 8AM

2010 Camaro Car Start Up Gauges
Here's another video of me starting my 2010 Camaro showing the gauges... I also show a thumb stick in the USB port.

[HD] GT5: Chevrolet Camaro SS Top Speed Run
This is a stock 2010 Camaro SS, no upgrades at all. -426hp -6.2L V8 -1755kg -RWD 6 Speed -Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay

2010 Camaro Flowmaster Super 44s
2010 Camaro custom Exhaust. 3 inch flowmaster

Muscle Car Exhaust Comparison

Black 2010 Chevrolet Camaro - Ride, Accelerations, BURNOUT & 0-70 Launch

Step inside a 2010 base Camaro V6
Here's a look around the BASE interior of the 2010 V6 Camaro. Note at the very end, there is a quick look at the"flappy-paddle gearbox" shift butons on the steering wheel. Impressive car. GM has hit a home-run with this vehicle.

[cc] 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Review - Lake Houston, United States
Proudly Closed Captioned. Adam Barrera at highmileage.org reviews the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS sports coupe and places it in the context of its competition. 24x7: http://twitter.com/highmileage There's a problem with the Chevy Camaro. When the backseat is folded, the seatbelt anchors can't tuck away. That'll dent the backseat upholstery. If you're looking for an objective review of the new Camaro, you can stop this video now. The Camaro is too important to be nitpicked apart. Superior fuel efficiency, precise interior trim fits, cutting-edge lighting, and other elements that make the Camaro a great car -- don't matter. The Camaro is hardly a car at all. It is a cultural icon. A social nexus. Rolling, emotive sculpture that dots an otherwise world-weary automotive landscape. The Chevrolet Camaro is a caricature in every way, and that's why I love it. In the first roaring miles, as the Camaro racked up nods of acknowledgement and thumbs of approval, I realized that this car starts wordless on-road conversations with anonymous drivers that 'get it'. A Yamaha R6, a lifted Dodge Ram, and even a modified Mustang gifted the Camaro and I veritable handshakes -- and proved themselves allies in the fight against automotive commoditization. But will the Camaro's visual impact endure? I snapped stills near Houston Intercontinental Airport and posted them on Facebook. Adam Callif, an automotive industrial designer, offered insight: "I love the proportions," he said. "It looks like a sketch." Callif has a point. Styling cues can be stolen or grow stale, but the Camaro's fundamental angles are wide, low, and unique. Whether you love or hate the Inferno Orange leather and acrylic interior swatches, you have to admire the bravery it takes to abandon conventional materials and colors. Like other recent GM interiors, contrast-stitching, embroidery, and ambient lighting prove attention to detail. My favorite touch points are the magnetic-clasp epaulette seatbelt guides. This intricate trim could easily be found on an expensive jacket. In so many ways, the Camaro blends fashion, symphony and science to awaken automotive passion in those who aren't dedicated car enthusiasts. The head unit's multi-band presets and favorites pages will engage people who appreciate a clean user interface. Ergonomics enthusiasts will appreciate weight-matched toggles and a retro analog tuner display. Audiophiles should know that the Boston Acoustics sound system is clear at all volume levels, and thumps hard when the bass is maxed out. Everywhere I drove, I got the finger. That is, the international symbol requesting a Pirelli-destroying burnout. The 'Vette-bred LS3 V8 sounds sinister -- inside, outside, and at all speeds. 426 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque are to be expected. That's not the story Camaro skeptics are interested in. For the first time ever, the Camaro has been engineered to tackle curves. Four-wheel independent suspension and torque in every gear suit the Camaro to backroads and technical circuits, not just dragstrips. Its weight is centered and low. There's an almost European feeling of stability at speed. Shift quality, spring rates, and steering feel have transformed the Camaro into a genuine grand tourer. And yet, because of its admittedly provincial heritage, the Camaro is devoid of all pretense. The absence of snob appeal means passers-by have no problem relaying their admiration -- and that Camaro buyers won't be paying a premium to experience automotive excellence. I'm Adam at highmileage.org.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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john begglry, Engine: 565, Tires: goodyear

1987 Chevrolet Camaro : 8.300 @ 165.000
Jamie Oxendine, Engine: 540cu chevy, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 33.5/15/15


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