Ford Laser - 16x 10" subwoofers

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JRCOZY Ford Laser TX3 runs 11 flat
Since this video has been doing the rounds on Facebook I figured I'd chuck it up on here. Carl's Ford Laser TX3 (known as an Escort in the USA) dubbed JRCOZY runs a 1.8L Mazda motor with a supercharged Toyota Levin gearbox and puts down 380kw on E85 to the front treads (Mickey Thompsons in this case). It has run a best ET of 10.998 at 134mph, but is back this season with fresh ET Streets looking to get back into the 10's. As far as I know this is the quickest and fastest FWD Laser/Escort around, with faster being 4wd versions. Here he runs an 11 flat ET at the latest round of the Night Speed Drag Wars at Meremere Dragway in New Zealand, running as fast as you are allowed to go in the C2 bracket (turbo 2wd). Carl won the C2 class that night against a yellow R32 Skyline Video shot by me (Kris of Reflex Photography) and may not be used for any other purpose without permission from Reflex Photography Be sure to check out my Facebook page with more action from Meremere Dragway and other car events from the North Island of New Zealand

Have a sub? Love BASS? Check out this soundcloud fam, it's fire: Trap music, dubstep, bass house, all kinds of BASS to shake your house 4 most common youtube viewer types on this video: 1. "the fake as hell calling everything stupid type" example: Dude that's fake ass hell, yeah right.. fuckin dumb. 2. "the gullible believer" example: DAMN!!! lmao DUDE!!! where can i get that sub?? omg!! 3. "Mature smart and friendly type" example: lol fake, obviously video editing. but was still really funny and awesome! 4. "The smartass subwoofer expert" example: Fake. a sub like that can't handle 15,000 watts and would need at least 50 amps all equipped with electronic hertz combustion bouncers. Rocket scientist wires coated with idiot proofing with a 8 olms electro current concoctions. disliked the video Which one are you? lol Stuff falls off the shelves in my house!!!!!!! THIS IS INSANE!!! MY EARS HURT SUPER BAD FROM WHEN I WAS FILMING THIS!!! Song: A Milli - Lil Wayne

EU spec BF Familia digital dash test - on Ford Laser BFMRF
EU/Aus/USDM BF 323 digital dash test.

very fast ford laser 11.9s
one very fast ford laser, perth wa motorplex 4/5/08. second fastest laser in australia,(still standard internals, unopend) SCARY!!! ;-)) second run was 11.88 but my battery was flat ;( shame.