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Ford Focus RS Mk3 vs. Audi RS3 - RACE & SOUND (60FPS)
Side by side Autobahn & Sound comparison of the all new 2016 / 2017 Ford Focus RS (350hp, 470Nm) and the 2016 Audi RS3 8V (367hp, 465Nm). While both cars have AWD the Audi has the marvelous S-Tronic dual-clutch in comparison to the Ford's 6-speed manual. The manual definitely it more fun and engaging but you can clearly see that it does not compete with the Dual-Clutch in terms of straight line performance. Of course Audi's 5-Zylinder also has more punch but if you compare the acceleration between the gear changes you can clearly see that the Ford's engine keeps up a lot better than most of us expected or than the tests have shown so far. The fact that there were 2 people in the Audi is probably only a minor downside at speeds above 100 km/h and equalled up a bit by the second fact that the Audi was running 102 Octane compared to the Focus RS with a mix of 95 & 98. So what do you think about this, let's debate about the result:) Also make sure to LIKE / COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Instagram: Facebook: Website: