400 hp Caliber SRT-4 toll booth @ 140 mph (feat paul wall music)

Please "like" http://www.facebook.com/DriverPOV - Watch as the RealTune Stage 2 Dodge Caliber SRT4 hits 140 mph during a toll booth run in Mexico. Best peso ever spent!

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300 hp WRX: JDM Spec B transmission, VF39, FMIC, EWG #Boostaholics
http://www.POVtestdrive.com - #Boostaholics - Meet the owner and go in an in-depth exploration of this 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX with full bolt on modifications including FMIC, VF39 turbo & EWG external wastegate, 565cc injectors, DW 200 fuel pump, JDM struts, JDM Legacy GT Spec B (1996) transmission, plus more! Superior to a standard car review, you get to hear the owner's story and then go on a spirited test drive review! See what it's like to drive this modified Subaru from the driver's perspective, using unique POVtestdrive.com technology. Owner: Robert Harridge http://www.youtube.com/imsowrxy facebook.com/robert.harridge instagram.com/imsowrxy/ Follow up with POV test drive and see more point of view automotive review videos at http://www.POVtestdrive.com - facebook.com/driverPOV Got a question? I have the answer. Connect with me on facebook! facebook.com/mberenis facebook.com/Boostaholics Music by Incompetech

2015 Vaydor Supercar: reactions in public, builder interview, and POV test drive
http://www.Boostaholics.com - Meet the owner, go on a tour of the vehicle, and see people's reactions! Check out this incredible 2015 Vaydor G35 featuring extensive carbon fiber, BC coilover suspension, $10k dollar Italian leather interior, and more. This is the same type of car that is being used by Warner Bros Entertainment, "Suicide Squad" for the Joker's car. Now you can see it in action! Read more about the movie car here: http://blog.dupontregistry.com/celebrity-cars/jared-letos-joker-seen-in-vay dor-g35-in-set-footage-of-suicide-squad/ http://jalopnik.com/this-is-almost-definitely-the-jokers-crazy-car-in-sui-1 705213465 What is the 2015 Vaydor? One of three in the world. A combination effort of VaydorExotics.com, and Fever Racing to build a supercar on the Infiniti G35 / Nissan 350z chassis. Learn more about the Vaydor here at the FAQ: http://www.vaydor.com/#!faq/ctxv Official Vaydor Performance Products facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vaydor-Performance-Products-by-Fever-Racing/ 605241792953548?fref=ts Fever Racing: https://www.facebook.com/ZFever?fref=ts This specific Vaydor, is the nicest and highest quality of the three on the road today as it features extreme attention to detail and refinement of one of the best custom car builders in the world, Mike Vetter! http://www.kitcarmike.com Check out another one of Mike Vetter's creations, "ETV - Extra Terrestrial Vehicle" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkJ2uncWSU8 Mike and Dan took the 2015 Vaydor to the next level by using race quality suspension, brakes, exotic interior, and carbon fiber and going a step further than the standard kit. This is the nicest Vaydor on the road today. Check out the entire specifications as found on the original eBay listing below. Specifications: Source: Ebay ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/141659026452 ) ***** SOLD ***** BRAND NEW 2015 Year Model Infiniti Supercar Prototype - Vaydor 58k miles on drivetrain (all fluids changed, tune-up done with plugs/belts/filters/etc) Since titling and built, the car has had approximately 1000 miles of test driving with a combination of city/highway since build to ensure driveability is as expected and everything if functioning. 6 spd manual. Digital Climate control. Power windows. Auto dimming rear mirror with universal programmable garage door opener. Keyless entry. Adjustable seats. This car was built at The Car Factory - One of the best custom and kit car builders in the world (builder of the ETV and many, many others over the last 15+ years - as seen on Discovery Channel, featured on numerous other networks, Yahoo’s front page) One of 3 completed Vaydors in the world. This is the ONLY one with all of these things: - Working power side mirrors - Indexing windows when opening/closing doors for the best seal - $10,000 Black Italian ALL-LEATHER & suede interior with bright green stitching throughout interior - $6k stereo system which includes all brand new components such as 8” Alpine touchscreen Nav, top-of-the-line Kicker Component speakers, Memphis M series amp - Front and rear cameras for safe parking and driving - $2000 Fully adjustable BC racing coilover suspension with custom adjustable tubular control arms - Sound & Heat insulation though out - LED lighting inside and out - Show quality gun metal grey paint with gallons of clear wet sanded and buffed to a glass like finish - Extensive carbon fiber ($4500) visible on all sides of the car - The ONLY car that has upgraded hi/low HID projectors. WORTH EVERY PENNY for this upgrade if you plan on driving this car at night ever. Visibility of comparable to a Lamborghini or high-end Mercedes now. - Off road LED lighting incorporated into housings as well - One of a kind custom made LED tail light and marker lights that really set this car off day and night - $7000 new wheels/tires are 22” x 10 front / 22” x 13” rear custom made 3-piece wheels with Roadforce balanced Pirelli P-Zero 295 front / 315 rear - $6000 Brembo 8-piston caliper 16” front brakes / 14” rear with new bearing hubs to help handle the massive braking power of the brake/tire combination - Lots of metal reinforcement in the body for strength, safety, and longevity - Front end body modification allowing the car to sit lower to the ground without sacrificing ground clearance - Aftermarket Exhaust and intake system give this 3.5L V6 a loud and VERY exotic sound. Fits the car perfectly. Questions? Comment below or send a message to the owner, Dan K's YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Medic37dan

Subaru Impreza GC8 rally on gravel, tarmac, and sand mix
http://www.Boostaholics.com - Watch me break in the new #Boostaholics GC8 with some slideways action in a rally pass and hit 80 mph through the woods! Watch for the 50 mph drift! Specifications: 2000 Subaru Impreza RS (USDM) 5 Speed manual transmission (USDM) EJ25 SOHC (USDM) Short ram intake VIS Carbon Fiber hood Strömung Exhaust Motegi 17" traklite forged wheels Nankang NS20 all season Custom adjustable struts (hybrid) JDM V5 sti wing WRX seats Uh oh! There's an oil leak on my EJ25. This could mean disaster! Help me find out what's wrong. Check out the video and comment your suggestion below! Could it be the rear main seal leaking? Access ports? Front main? Who knows!!! My evo update - It's been sitting since I bought the GC8 so I thought i'd do some routine inspection. Turns out, the odd phallic shape of the intake made me spill my beans. No, I can't work on my evo's intake without laughing. Thanks for watching :) Hope you enjoyed riding along. #Boostaholics Music by Incompetech

900 horsepower Nissan GTR: built 3.8 VR38, Drag 800 gearbox, twin PTE turbo
http://www.Boostaholics.com - Hold on tight! VERY fast GTR! How fast can a 900 horsepower Nissan GTR launch from various speeds and standing still? Watch and see as the powerful Induction Performance Nissan GTR making 900 wheel horsepower launches so hard, NASA called in a flight check! Here's what's been done: -Induction Performance Custom Tune (Alpha) -Induction Performance Stage 2 Package -Precision turbo & Engine Stage 1 Upgraded turbos -Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors -Induction Performance Built 3.8 VR38 Engine -Jacks Transmissions Drag 800 Transmission -Boost Logic Race Intercooler Kit Want to learn more? Follow up with Induction Performance! http://induction-performance.myshopify.com/ http://www.facebook.com/IPtuning http://www.fl2k.com