2010 Killington Jeep Jamboree - Final Version

2010 Killington Jeep Jamboree

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Jeep Jamboree 2013 Killington Timberjack & Bullwinkle Highlights.
Wheeling in Vermont at the Jeep Jamboree Event. Little bit of mud and a little bit of rockcrawling. Got to try out the new Rubicrawler that gives Rubitron 10 to 1 gear ratio in the lowest setting.

Killington Jeep Jamboree 2010 Chateaguay
Great new trail at Killington Jeep Jamboree 2010. Nice climb up through the woods and some water. We really enjoyed this day! See more of our videos at www.RubitronJeep.com

Killington Jeep Jamboree 2012 - Double D & Timberjack Track
Jeep trails at Killington Vermont

16th Penn's Woods Jeep Jamboree 2013
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