Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Custom Cars

PLEASE DISREGARD THE AMERICAN FLAG ON THE ASTON MARTIN -_- ITS A GAME NOTHING IS MEANT BY IT Just me and a few of the guys showing off custom cars on the new TDU2 game, despite the connection problems and all the server and club issues we've found ways to entertain ourselves on the game...some car features are colin mcraes subaru the general lee, call of duty, spongebob, hello kitty and more Link to GamerDoll's page http://www.youtube.com/user/GamerDoll

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Lamborghini Aventador Test Drive
Test Driving the Custom Lamborghini Aventador in Test Drive unlimited 2. As you can see there is full damage to the car and the spoiler lifts up at high speeds + has custom engine sound. But on the downside, the interior camera view is bugged/not placed properly.

TDU2 - LordMCG - Bugatti Veyron Vs Koenigsegg Vs Zonda - Which is best?
I set up a test and had a drag to find out which is better, koenigsegg or Bugatti, Zonda is there just for a reference :)

TDU2 Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider sound
Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider sound in Test Drive Unlimited 2 Recorded with Fraps

TDU2 Casino: Winning the $2 million car
I actually managed to get into the casino on Test Drive Unlimited 2 and won the $2 million Audi on the slots. Didn't take that long to get it. Probably took longer to actually get into the damn casino. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is all kinds of broken right now. Servers are unreliable, clubs are down so they can fix exploits people ALREADY found, casino access is intermittent, there are other issues with multiplayer and friends lists etc... Don't have this game yet? Wait another month or two, or whenever they release a patch or fix their servers. This video was created using assets from "Test Drive Unlimited 2" published by Atari.