Viggen mid muffler delete

just a quick Exhaust vid without the mid muffler.

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9-3 Viggen Exhaust 2
Pulled further away to reduce clipping noise; fared a little better this time.

1999 Saab 9-3 SE HOT Mid-pipe delete
Mid-pipe between the cat and pre-muffler removed, otherwise no changes to engine/turbo/Exhaust. Just ends after the cat. First ~=25 seconds are me messing around with the camera because I couldn't tell if it was actually recording. Turns out I should have gotten a video of it driving because above about 1500rpm it was ridiculously loud and WOT would make a person go deaf. (I'm parked sideways because it was so dang hot out that the little shade from the car was a life saver.)

Hirsch Exhaust
Showing off my new Hirsch 3-inch cat-back stainless steel Exhaust system. Car: Saab 9-3 SE with 2.0 litre HOT engine and Hirsch ECU

2000 SAAB Viggen Exhaust
Stock Exhaust system (rear muffler delete) Cold air intake That's it :P