BMW 540I 6 SPEED rocket MOCKUP

Brad (me) Boosting another Bimmer 4.4l V8 w VAC racing cams & vortech Supercharger rev limit set @ 7000 rpm Boost will be over 12lbs @ rev limit (shift) looking to get 500WRHP min @ 10lbs, well before redline(shift) Bimm me up scottie (lol)

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My 2002 BMW 540i E39
work i have done to my car

"BMW next 100 years" found in Reality

540i start up vs v10 M5
I was cruzing next to a viper just hoping he would start racing around the free way, but negative, my 540i is such a sleeper he would probably think I was joking if I was signaling to go. However I didn't instigate a race, I was playing it safe as there were other people we were sharing the road with. If it was around 3am it would have been a different story. bye bye Viper breakfast. Except for the water / methanol injection my 540i build is pretty much done. This BMW 544i is tuned to rev to 7,000 rpm, w power band keeps rising tell 7k shift. Boost is 10lbs @ 5600rpm, 7000rpm will Boost 14-15 lbs. EST RWHP (60*F) wo water/methanol injection 520+

BMW Supercharged 540I Exhaust note while driving
Have a custom made Exhaust from German Tuning Group in germany. Its from headers back and everything was custom to include the muffler.