turbo Nova LM7 5.3 Dyno

1971 Nova with master power t70 Q trim, Edelbrock LS1 intake and bone stock 100k mile LM7 5.3 12 psi of Boost, Precision turbo 46mm Wastegate, JGS turbo 50mm Blow off valve, Home built host side using MAC shorty headers for a fox body Mustang using LS1 header flanges(thanks to some help from Robin Lamberd), Paxton/Aeromotive A1000 Fuel pump, 60lb Siemens Injectors, 3500 Stall TCI Converter, Ford 8.8 from an 01 Explorer, had to stop due to valve float from weak stock valve springs. 406 horse 408 torque stock valve springs floating at high rpm due to backpressure from turbo and intake pressure from Boost. Tuned by Nic D using AZ Dyno Chip's facilities.

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Turbo Nova 8.77 Bandimere Speedway May 3, 2009
5800ft elev, 346 cid iron block lsx, 5 psi launch, 19 psi max, 3265# race weight, e85 fuel

Turbo LM7 fox body mustang 5.96 @ 117
turbo GM LM7 5.3 Stock rotating assembly Clevite rod bearings Comp blower cam MS3X engine management Motron 60lb injectors

876 whp stock internal LM7 on the dyno

'83 Mustang, 5.3L Turbo Chevy, Masterpower T70@10PSI
'83 Mustang with a 2004 LM7 5.3L Surburban pullout motor. TH400 Transmission. 3200 B&M Stall. 3.27 gears. 8.8" Stock Axle. Master Power T70@10PSI. Intercooled. Street tires. Fighting traction the entire time, unable to say in it above 4500 rpm due to wheelspin in 1st and 2nd. I have slicks for it and will have videos/timeslips once the track opens up in March 2012.