F1 kit car concept part 4


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f1 kit car concept part 5
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F1 2015 Silverstone Full Race
F1 2015 Silverstone Full Race F1 2015 Silverstone F1 2015

MEV Rocket ( Aerial Atom Style Kit Car )
My First Visit to the MEV Factory - Home of the Rocket ( www.mevltd.co.uk )

locost kitcar
STAGE ONE ... The Chassis Welcome to my Roadster build, or how to build a kit car project. :) Building a Kitcar has always been an ambition of mine ever since a was in my early twenties, so a few months ago I though...nows the tme. A few of us have builds going on, all started at the same time, the plan is next May to go on a road trip to Spain (better get AA cover :). Anyhoo... The Chassis is designed around a mixture of existing kits, but is wider longer and higher than is currently available. The intention is to mage a GT (grand tourer) rather than a race spec 7. So follow me through the build and we will see how it all turns out. One thing I'm really happy with is the below tunnel surface handbrake, I was at a show recently and all the '7' drivers had their left elbow held high due to the hanbrake being in the way, so I thought...looks uncomfortable...so I redesigned this to sit below the transmission tunnel ;) oh!!! to get an idea of the width, the seats come from a Smartcar Roadster, and will eventually be retrimmed, The engine is a Ford Mondeo Zetec 16V mated to a Type 9 gearbox, The original fuel injection system has been junked and replaced with GSXR750 throttle bodies mounted to a Fenspeed custom manifold, the steel is 30x30 ERW 16 gauge, and the welder is 185A running Argoshield. Any questions I can help with...just Ask Stage two will start in a few weeks and will be posted in the new year but this yime by updates. Vrooom!!!!! Grrrr... ;)