Spoon EK9 K20

beau swap

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[ENG CC] Spoon Civic Type R EK9 260HP 900kg - full lap ONBOARD Tsukuba
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: http://itr1920.blogspot.com/ Keiichi Tsuchiya drives the fully built Spoon Civic Type R EK9 in the "N/A vs. turbo" race. This is the qualifying time attack lap. Full race here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM6RTXzm05A Spoon Civic Type R Specs: engine 1.8 kit 260HP: -high cams -lightened moving parts -fully balanced engine -Spoon prototype individual throttle bodies -Spoon prototype Full Ti Exhaust -Spoon prototype ECU Suspension: - Showa based original suspension kit F16kg R14kg - 4 pot calipers Body: - extreme weight reduction, cut out unnecessary metal panels without compromising structural integrity and rigidity - 900kg (1040kg normal) Transmission: - Spoon close mission kit - Final gear normal 4.4 Tires: - Neova Advan A032RS 195/55/R15

k20a vs m3 evo
my k20a civic vs m3evo e36 3.2 with ram air kit and some open Exhaust. roll second gear 60kmh till 230 .

Civic EK n FD2 R on the Karak Highway