Bentley Continental Flying Spur vs Rolls Royce Ghost

Car and Driver comparison test: Bentley Continental Flying Spur vs Rolls Royce Ghost Monopoly Money: We live the life of a monopoly man in $500,000 of England's finest Rolls Royce Ghost vs Bentley Continental Flying Spur

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Тест-драйв от Давидыча Bentley Continental GT Тест-драйв от Давидыча Bentley Continental GT

2010 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Arabia
If you're a Bentley dealer in the Middle East, you've got it easy. With mounds of disposable income littering that part of the world, it's a prime target for high-end luxury brands. To that end, Bentley has announced a special run of 50 Continental Flying Spur sedans that will only be available in the Middle East. Called the Flying Spur Arabia and Flying Spur Speed Arabia, these two special editions feature special Arabia badges on their fenders, door sills and ash-tray lid. The non-Speed Flying Spur also gets a new unique 14-spoke wheel design while the higher performance Speed model (above) gets 20-inch, ten-spoke wheels. Bentley says the Middle East now accounts for one-tenth of its worldwide sales and supports the region with nine dealers. No doubt we can expect more of these special editions to come from Bentley and other brands both in the Middle East and China, as both markets become increasingly important to ultra high-end automakers.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur video trailer
The Bentley Continental Flying Spur may sound a touch long-winded for a car name, but with such exquisite luxury and refinement on offer (not to mention a price tag of £115,000), sometimes it pays to be expansive. Find out what we made of this luxo-barge by watching the full video road test at: ml?section=interactive&id=454

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