15psi pulls on my Supra

Pump gas 15psi.. just cruising. Check out FloridaSupras.com for more information.

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Darin's Supra E85 Street Driving
8 sec street car w/ air conditiong. Running on E85 at the moment. Around 800 hp to the ground.

Toyota supra high way pulls on 16psi of boost.
Just testing my homemade Boost controller pushing 16 psi of Boost on the high way somewhere in mexico. 1988 toyota Supra 7mgte Konig 18" wheels Megan coilovers Cp pistons Stock rods Arp head studs Titan 1.4mm metal head gasket Emusa gt45 turbo Megan radiator Greddy bov Walbro 255 FIC 750cc injectors Mass air flow translator GM MAF

Toyota Supra 600HP
My buddy's Supra showing what it's made of... ENJOY! Movie captured with: Sony HDR CX550VE

1997 Supra T61 Single Turbo 6spd 0-140 mph speedometer
Just a run from a dig with the car