lsx 5.3 MS3 cam mustang

One of several passes with new 5.3/MS3 cam, TH400. These passes were made with the 6LS msd box rev limit set at 5500rpm thus the slow times.

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5.3 MS3 Mustang 150 shot
1.39 60' 6.46 @ 105.99mph 1/8 10.16 @ 132.90 mph 1/4

Cam only 5.3
Cam only 5.3 on 150 shot Cam only 5.3 on 150 shot

TSP Magic Stick 3 238/242 .600"/.600" Camshaft
The Magic Stick line of camshafts is the most popular line of camshafts Texas Speed offers. The Magic Stick camshafts are designed to be a all out max effort camshaft for people looking to get maximum power from stock displacement engines. The Magic Stick camshafts require a high quality double spring kit such as the TSP .660" double spring kits. With the MS3 camshaft, the automatic-equipped customer must have at least a 3500 RPM stall speed converter. Tuning will also be required in both automatic & manual applications. Texas Speed offers complete mail order tuning services to get your vehicles PCM custom tuned for your modifications! Gains at Peak: 97.5 HP / 27.4 TQ

Dmh and son performance 5.3 Ls ms3 cam nitrous