lsx 5.3 MS3 cam mustang

One of several passes with new 5.3/MS3 cam, TH400. These passes were made with the 6LS msd box rev limit set at 5500rpm thus the slow times.

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5.3 MS3 Mustang 150 shot
1.39 60' 6.46 @ 105.99mph 1/8 10.16 @ 132.90 mph 1/4

Cam only 5.3
Cam only 5.3 on 150 shot Cam only 5.3 on 150 shot

Josh's Car Corner - Ep. 26 - Gen 4 LS Engine Cam Swap
In this episode, my friend Joe and I will be swapping a bigger cam into his G8 GXP and we will show you the process for doing this swap in your own car. Blood, sweat, and horsepower will all be on show. Enjoy!

1994 Mustang 5.3 LS Swap 10.24 @ 128.38
My 1994 Mustang with 5.3L LS Swap, MS3 Cam, Holley HP EFI, E85, TH350 with brake, UPR suspension front and rear out at PBIR for test and tune. Pass was made with a 150 shot.