Picked up a 1969 AMC Rambler 440

yeah, found a wicked awesome deal on Usedvictoria.com seeing as I browse the site about a dozen times per day... I'm bound to come across a good deal once in a while. This numbers matching, all original AMC is really good! i'm impressed. Picked 'er up for cheap. Looking forward to getting to drive it more, fixing the crapped out Valve cover gasket (old owner had the parts to do the repair!!) You'll see much more of this car. 171,000miles on it. 199 straight six, 3 spd auto.

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My rambler american, before and "after"...

1962 Rambler Classic - George Romney's Compact Car Revolution
Sometimes the most valuable part of a car is its history. This 1962 Rambler Classic represents the final year for a design that not only saved a company but launched a compact-car revolution in the United States. That revolution was led by one of the auto industry's most extraordinary CEOs—George Romney. Music by JD Eicher - http://jdeicher.com/ Music by Alexander Nakarada @ SerpentSound Studios - https://soundcloud.com/serpentsoundstudios Images Courtesy of Patrick Foster - http://oldemilfordpress.com/

1969 AMC Rambler - out from mech to PAINTECH body shop!

Muscle Car Of The Week Video #71: 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler
http://www.musclecaroftheweek.com - The American Motors Corporation was known for building reliable, lower-priced cars targeted towards families and those seeking basic transportation. But when you combine a lightweight economy car with a potent V8, you have the recipe for an outstanding performer. This was the case with the 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler, a car built in conjunction with Hurst Performance to be a drag strip terror and look cool doing it! The SC/Rambler boasted a 315 HP 390 cube V8, a T10 4-speed, 3.54:1 gears, and other performance tricks like a complete lack of options, subframe connectors, rolled fender lips, staggered shocks, and Thrush mufflers. This little Super Car rocked and advertised 14.2 in the quarter @ 100+ mph, all for less than $3000.00. Quite a package.