VW Jetta 1997 Manual Transmission

Good and nice economic car, very well maintained interior lucks like new, engine has a lot of power, and the price is only $2200 full warranty included for 1 year (engine, transmission, head gasket, unlimited Ks, cover $1000 in labour and parts and the town truck is free)

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VW Jetta transmission service
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1996 Volkswagen Jetta: Having Transmission Problems
Earlier in the day it wasn't engaging 3rd or 4th gear. I was going 75 mph down the highway, it was still in 2nd gear. It was shifting into 3rd just fine during this video, weird. But it was dumping itself. It would go into neutral for a second, rev up, and catch into the gear it's shifting into. Later that day the muffler started to hang by the pipe. It's in the shop now for that reason, a new muffler. It'll need a new transmission soon.

Jetta Clutch Problem
What is wrong with this thing?! Arrrgh!

How to Remove and replace transmission DSG DFM dual mass flywheel remove and replace R & R TDI vw
Here is a step by step to remove the transmission and replace the DMF Dual mass flywheel on the Jetta TDI