chevy truck true duals headers

1992 Chevy k2500 blackjack headers its like boobs! Dwain's Truck!

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chevy truck headers and true duals drive off
blackjack headers, 350 5.7l 1992 k2500 5 speed Dwain's truck

Flowmaster 40 series with Flowtech Headers on a Chevy
Chevy Pickup with Flowtech Headers with Dual 2.5 in Exhaust and Flowmaster 40 series mufflers with tailpipes. No catalytic converters.

1977 chevy truck open headers!
my truck in the begging of restoration! i took the bed off the the Exhaust!

95 Chevy K2500 True Dual Cherry Bomb Glasspacks-NO Cats
-Please Rate, Comment, Subscribe- Chris's truck that i video taped before. But this is a update. Has 16.5 inch rims we think are 31 inch tires. Has new tool box, lights, whips. Custom welded on side steps. And Most Important new Exhaust Set up- True Duals welded from headers to two cherrybomb glasspacks out the back as seen.