Nico Rosberg explains his driving position

The seating position in a Formula One car is nothing like what we know in road cars. The driver's feet will point upwards and visibility always is critical as they need to be as low as possible in the car not to compromise its centre of gravity. Nico explains how it feels in the car. ------ Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to never miss any of our exclusive videos!

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How a Formula 1 team builds a f1 car around its driver
A behind the scenes video shot at McLaren. Design engineer Scott Bain is in charge of everything the driver comes into contact with in the cockpit. Here he shows us the chassis mock up and, as Lewis Hamilton tries it for size, explains how important it is to get the driver comfortable before you build the first chassis for real

Lewis Hamilton explains his F1 driving position
Every single seat is unique. But what exactly are the particularities of an F1 seat? And are they actually comfortable? Lewis demonstrates what the right seating position looks like and how an F1 driver feels in his seat. ------ Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to never miss any of our exclusive videos!

Battles and Crashes | F1 Singapore GP
Piquet crash helps Alonso to victory, 2008 Pit-lane problems derail Massa and Coulthard, 2008 Grosjean spins at ‘Piquet corner’, 2009 Webber tangle dents Hamilton’s title hopes, 2010 Kubica storms back from puncture, 2010 Kovalainen puts his firefighting skills to the test, 2010 Alonso sees of Vettel challenge, 2010 On-track clash sparks off-track confrontation between Hamilton and Massa, 2011 Perez leaves it late, 2014 Verstappen recovers brilliantly from nightmare start, 2015

Formula 1 car cut in half!
Sauber have cut Robert Kubica's 2008 F1 car in half! The team, now lead by Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Gutierrez invited Rosanna Tennant to check it out. Subscribe for more: Pole Position is the place for motor sport fans and petrol heads covering the very best races, teams and drivers from around the world. From F1 to banger racing and from Indianapolis to Monte Carlo we'll cover the best of the best, keeping you entertained. Highlights, interviews, team tours and on location we'll be there to give you the inside track. Follow on Twitter: Like on Facebook: +1 on Google+: