2002 Ford Explorer LE Racing Cold Air Intake Install

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2003 Ford Explorer 4.0 k&n install before and after
So this is my first youtube vid, so forgive me if it aint the best haha. I did two cold starts, and i also shot a before and after vid of the install, all in one video. enjoy!!!!!!

Cold air intake Ford Explorer 4.0L

Back In Time!! 96 Explorer Limited Cold Air Intake V6
Going back through my old videos and found this one of the V6 Limited I had for about 2 weeks. I had ordered the $30 Ebay cold air intake and it didn't sound that bad and fit perfectly! Although I had to use one custom adapter to make it fit.

How To Install Cold Air Intake (CAI) for 96-04 Mustang | AutoHow.TV
A cold air intake (CAI) is a great way to improve gas mileage, increase hp and get a throatier sound from the engine. Watch this video and you can avoid common pitfalls with this install such as trying to install in one piece. What You'll Need: Wrenches: 8mm and 10mm. Screwdriver Applications: The steps in this video apply to most V6 and V8 Mustangs. Notes: Now the main differences you will encounter when installing on a V8 are: first, there's only one electrical connection which is on the mass airflow sensor. Second, you will have more than one hose connected to the intake system. And three, you will probably have to plug the hole on the intake tubing since there is no additional sensor. Call your parts seller and ask if this plug is included in your kit.