Accord Drag Race at Bandimere 12.80 @ 116mph

USP Race at Bandimere in Morrison Colorado.

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Honda Accord in Car Helmet cam - Drag Racing @ Bandimere 12.89 @ 115mph
Racing at the USP race at Bandimere in Morrison, Colorado

Fastest NA SRT 8 Jeep Cherokee vs Big Block Camaro - Wheelstand - Drag Race Video -- Road Test TV World's Fastest Naturally Aspirated Grand Cherokee SRT8 does a wheelstand and puts it on the bumper during this 10.49 @ 123 mph 1/4 mile pass. This bad Jeep SRT 8 has a LPM stroked 440 cubic inch Hemi that puts down 650 horsepower to the wheels and has been converted from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive.

In Car Cam - Honda Accord Drag Race - Second Pass
Coy's Street Machine something at Bandimere. Only ran a 12.926@111.23 this pass

1995 Honda Accord EX with F22B2/H22A engine GT3076R turbo on 10 lbs of Boost. Stock F22 transmission. Dynoed @ 331whp/338tq As I'm sure you can tell by trap speed my ET was slower than it should have been which by what i've seen at the track is 13.3-13.6. I had bad spark breakup at 4800+ RPM in 2nd and 3rd gear killing my power. A weak 60' and heavy rims/car added to that. RACE WEIGHT 3330 lbs (including 265 lb driver) Yes, I get destroyed in this race. But it's all about personal best and learning how to get there by practicing. RESULTS: ACCORD: REACTION: +.7170 60 FT: 2.5239 330 FT: 6.6198 1/8: 9.8368@75.89 1/4: 14.7380@101.76 S/C Mustang WITH Nitrous: REACTION: +.2361 60 FT: 1.7578 330 FT: (NOT SHOWN ON TIMESLIP) 1/8: 7.2299@102.49 1/4: 11.0090@131.14 Previous best was 15.9600@86.39 mph with basic I/H/E Then it Dynoed at 130 whp/142 tq and the car and driver weight was exactly 3000 lbs 330 lighter than current run (25 of that 330 was me lol). Link to 15.96 run here: