VW Rabbit Turbo Diesel Autocross Race 5

My first run this event. *edit*(Turns out I had snapped one of the rear trailing beam's pivot bolts.) Or so I thought. Yes, one of the bolts was bent, but neither were actually broken. The real cause of the crazy braking issue was a sheared brake rotor! Front right brake was inoperative! *end edit* Imagine my suprise when I hit the brakes and the car got all squirrely! Good thing the stop box marshall was standing off to the side! Wiping out the the stop box cones counts as an off course, so my time wasn't posted. Just using a stopwatch during the video shows about 51 seconds. Based on managing a 3 second drop over the rest of my runs in a friend's car, (see my other vids) it's reasonable to think I could have attained 48 second runs, putting me in the top 5! Big words. I'll see if I can prove it next time. =D

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Bagged 24v vr6 mk1 rabbit first drive
83 diesel rabbit 03 vr6 24v swap 4lug Accu-air e level management