1968 Hurst Olds - vintage road test


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10 Quickest Cars of 1970: Muscle Car Of The Week Episode #201
This week, we take a look back at the top 10 quickest Muscle Cars as reported by various car magazines from 1970! These aren't OUR recorded numbers, but those published by the media back in 1970. We're pairing those times up with an example of a similar car in The Brothers Collection. http://www.v8tvshow.com - 314.783.8325 Produced by Kevin Oeste and V8TV Productions, Inc. - http://www.v8speedshop.com FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/V8TVshow/ SHOP FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/V8SpeedShop/

1971 Olds 442 W-30 4-speed Convertible - vintage road test

1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 - Never Bested!
Oldsmobile hit its pinnacle of performance in 1970 with its 442 W-30. It was the hottest muscle car that Oldsmobile ever produced. Never again would Oldsmobile (now defunct) ever produce a performance car that would match the 1970 442 W-30's sheer brute performance or its true muscle car mystique.

1969 Charger 500 - 426 Hemi - vintage road test
http://MuscleCarFilms.com/ for more info! This is a vintage road test of one of the rarest, fastest, and today one of the most valuable of all of the classic Mopars; the 1969 Dodge Charger 500, with the 426 Hemi engine.