1968 Hurst Olds - vintage road test


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1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 - Never Bested!
Oldsmobile hit its pinnacle of performance in 1970 with its 442 W-30. It was the hottest muscle car that Oldsmobile ever produced. Never again would Oldsmobile (now defunct) ever produce a performance car that would match the 1970 442 W-30's sheer brute performance or its true muscle car mystique.

Muscle Car Of The Week Video #69: 1969 Hurst / Olds
http://www.musclecaroftheweek.com - Back before 1970, GM had a mandate that limited the engine cubic inch displacements in midsize "A" body cars like the Chevelle, GTO, and Cutlass 442 to 400 cubic inches. However, George Hurst and Doc Watson were able to create a special version of the Olds 442 that broke the mold, and allowed for an Olds 455 to be installed and sold through Oldsmobile dealers. Called the Hurst / Olds, these cars came to be in 1968, and by 1969, they were widely known for their outlandish styling, fully-loaded option list, and excellent performance. This example from the Brothers Collection is an unrestored survivor, a original car that was driven often... the way Hurst would have wanted!

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