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JELLY GUMMY BEAR► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2juHk2GAbgAuhMzg5FF0bA You know, every year people invent more and more new cool cars that amaze us. But among these means of transport there's a certain kind that not everyone can afford. Have you already guessed what are we talking about? Limos, of course, what else could it be! These long vehicles are considered attributes of luxury and success. And even among these really expensive amazing cars you can find some unusual vehicles. Well, maybe not as unusual, as this car… but anyway, we have to show you this marvelous vehicle. So, here are the 10 most unusual limousines in the world.

Putin canceled this Limousine ZIL 4112P!
This ZIL was canceled! Today Putin made his choice! His new car in 2018 will be this made in Russia ''Nami''Limo for 170 million US dollars! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq4pVEVm8Yk&feature=youtu.be

Dream Caravan
This is how is going to be in the future...

Rahul's Bday With Triple Axle Hummer Limousine 2016 !!! (Australia's Biggest Hummer ! )
Hi all, This is Triple Axle Hummer as you can see it has 3 wheel at the back.This is biggest hummer limousine of Australia !!! Enjoy !!