Volvo 940 B230 Turbo 550hp V.S. Volvo Amazon T5

A little video that from this summer when I went for some dragracing at Lunda Airstrip i Sweden. Best time n speed that day was was 11.17 sek, 201km/h.

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6 Fools, a dyno, a Volvo B230 engine (Part 2) In this episode the engine get some love. Next time we will test it on Dyno to see the differens. Part One: Music Louis Jordan - Cho Choo Ch'Boogie Nina Simone - ChildrenGoWhereISendYou

Volvo 745 T5 1000hp - Micke Holmström
Några klipp från PPFs meet hösten 2012! bästa tiden blev 8,35 269,21km/h. Han körde 6st persobästa på 8 repor :) nyvarande personbästa är 8.30 måste avsluta med en fjuttig börnis som han drog på hemmaplan (åland)

Magistern 940 First startup New engine 2016 Volvo B230 2,5L 8-valve 800hp
First startup of my new engine build. Sounds sweet. Don't forget to subscribe at my instagram @magisternsthlm Also check out for more epic vids and diary of my engine build!

Volvo 940 8v Launch Control
Testar launchen lite.