funco V8 wheelies at Walden sand dunes 4th of July, 2008

Our (Bruce, Kathy, Jason and Deon) funco V8 doing wheelies at the sand dunes in Walden, Colorado over the 4th of July weekend, 2008. Jason driving, Jon and Bryan riding along. Bruce, one of the owners of the car talking about how much fun it is.

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Sand Dunes- Jumps, Whips, Crashes, Burms, Wheelies- Exuberator
Sand Dunes- Big Jumps, Whips, Crashes, Burms, and Wheelies at the Sand Dunes. This was shot over two days at ST. Anthony Sand Dunes in ID. Filmed with a Canon Vixia HFS 21 and a gopro hd. I love thedoonies. 2014 update: Had to remove song due to copyright. So now the edit was made for a different song. New song was one I found in the youtube audio library. :( I also uploaded the original to Vimeo so check it out there, Titled: St Anthony Sand Dunes RIders: Jerin Anderson- Honda Ryan Kuhnhenn- Kawasaki Ty Hoth- Suzuki Mike Campbell- KTM Jake Lawlor- Others bikes Please subscribe and like the video to help me get more people to see this video if you like it.

Huge Crash and Flip at Silver Lake Sand Dunes
Accident at Silver Lake sand dunes on May 17,2014. Caution there is some foul language. Both occupants of the vehicle walked away uninjured. The vehicle was flipped back over and driven out under its own power. Click here to see a video of the truck being flipped back over

Atv pile up at Little Sahara Sand Dunes(GoPro)
Atv pile up shot by Jake Fosters GoPro on a helmet cam. People involved in the wreck were Zack Brown and Travis Ryan. Song: Reptile- Skrillex I do not own any rights to the song in this video.

Random Vehicles at Silver Lake 2014
Different vehicles that come to Silver Lake Michigan on any given day. Testing their ability to dominate Michigan's Sand Dunes.