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MIVV Suono su Yamaha FZ8

MIVV Suono su Yamaha FZ8 con dbkiller installato


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mivv Double gun exhaust Fz8
Sound comparison on my 2012 Yamaha Fz8. Stock Exhaust and Mivv Double gun. Video taken with my Iphone 5. Info on Exhaust: http://www.pjsparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24_125_247_526&produ cts_id=2655

Yamaha FZ8 Shark exhaust auspuff echappement burnout
Yamaha FZ8 First burnout on grass. Engine kill. lol Shark Exhaust

Yamaha FZ8 Storm Mivv GP Sound

Yamaha FZ8 With Leo Vince pipes restricted.
FZ8 With Leo Vince pipes restricted.

MIVV SPORT LINE- Suono mufflers for Yamaha FZ8 2010 More info at: www.mivv.it

Yamaha FZ8 Autobahn dies das
GoPro mal bei höherer Geschwindigkeit testen!

FZ8 mit Leovince Auspuff
das neue spielzeug von meinem Bruder

Yamaha FZ6R Top Speed
Rider stats: 5'8 165 lbs Fully tucked in Outside Temp : 74-76 Deg Farenheit Chevron Premium Gasoline Motul 15w-50

Yamaha FZ8 2011 Two Brothers M-2 V.A.L.E Slip-On Exhaust System
Easy to Install. It took me 5 minutes to remove stock Exhaust and 10 minutes to install the Slip-On. The first clip is based on a cold engine and the second clip is after quick 20 minute ride. The Two Brothers utilizes the stock extended cover plate to hide the pipe extension to the Exhaust system which is cool. None of the after market Exhaust slip-ons uses it. BTW, never cranked it more than 7K RPMs. Thanks to KneeDraggers.com for shipping it quickly. Bought it on a Sunday night and got it on Tuesday afternoon. Free Shipping too.

Yamaha FZ 8 Fazer video Review
Review of Yamaha new 800 naked FZ 8 Fazer. A test done in video with all the details of this new 2010 bike. Teste efectuado à Yamaha FZ 8 Fazer por Marcos Leal. As imagens e edição são da autoria de Manuel Portugal.

Yamaha FZ8 review by Luke Wilkins
Its been a little while since his last review but here he is with his latest on the Yamaha FZ8

2011er Yamaha Fazer 8 mit Akrapovic-Endtopf

Yamaha Fz8 Yoshimura R-77exhaust with baffle
2011 Yamaha Fz8 with Yoshimura Stainless R-77 slip-on with DB killer installed (you need to drill out a rivet to install the baffle that comes with the Exhaust). View this link to hear without DB killer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhVWWnxNEPE&feature=related No power commander, direct swap with stock Exhaust. Professional rider on closed circuit.

Yamaha FZ8 with HD170 Full HD
my yamaha fz8 (named teresa) filmed with the drift innovation hd170. firmware 1.3.4 here is some photos :D http://img405.imageshack.us/g/imag0416q.jpg/

Yamaha FZ8 Baracudda
Deze Fz8 motorfiets is voorzien van speciale onderdelen van het met Baracuda Yamaha Fz8 intermot 2010 This motorcycle is modified with Baracudda parts.

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