1987 Dodge Shelby Shadow vs SVT Cobra

Both cars have bolt on's the Shadow still has the stock T3 turbo, the Cobra decided he wanted a race so we lined them up, and the winner is?

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My 1987 Shadow CSX #603
Stock 89 bottom end with ported swirl head, roller TBI cam, 2pc intake, Super 70 turbo, FMIC, 55lb inj, 18psi of Boost, Stage 5 cal, A555 w/moly plates and spec stage 3 clutch, urathane mounts, 22" m&h slicks, weighed 3105 with me in it. Car is super consistent too. Show winner as well, fully restored with all 89 CSX interior.

1989 Dodge Shelby CSX VNT #377 For Sale
1989 Dodge Shelby For Sale ShowdownAuto.com 586-791-0778 Please call or check online for pricing and availability- we do not check youtube response posts- thanks

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1990 Dodge Shadow 2.2L
My 90 Shadow with it's newish motor.