P71 test run

These cars can top out at around 140+MPH and can out-accelerate most stock high performers like Mustang or Camaros.Can impact 6"curbs at 60MPH and receive.

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1990 9C1 Caprice vs. 1968 Quad Turbo Fury (Round 2)
Made in 2007. Friendly pulls. Hot 383 in the cop car vs. a junkyard 400" BB (with junkyard valvesprings and headgaskets) Chrysler @ 8psi. www.tonybob.com www.shaunthonys.com

'03 Crown Vic P71 0-60, Top Speed, and Brake Demonstration
PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING: This is my 2003 Ford Police Interceptor. I decided randomly to stop and make this video on my commute home. The road is hilly and not perfectly smooth so it's not a great choice, but it's what I got. The video is from a stop full throttle to a top speed (If you listen closely at 130-132 MPH the engine cuts back due to the limiter). My rear axle bearings are bad and getting replaced today so that hurts the speed too. The brake check towards the end was a full ABS stop from 120 ish (5.5 seconds) to show there is no noticeable brake fade from the brakes. The front brakes are nearly worn out Raybestos Police Pursuit Brakes (I Highly recommend them) the rear brakes are stock. The car is 100% stock and the temp outside today was around 75 degrees and humid.

2003 Crown Vic P71 vs Acura Integra
P71 Police Interceptor Crown vic takes out an Acura Integra. The crown vic is stock with K&N, Superchips Tune & driver mod. The honda hood flies off at the end

Trato de muerte video oficial
Los buchones/ el komander este video esta chingon!