P71 test run

These cars can top out at around 140+MPH and can out-accelerate most stock high performers like Mustang or Camaros.Can impact 6"curbs at 60MPH and receive.

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get out of my way!
on my way back from Maine, just goes to show that people will get out of your way (if you have a P71 police cruiser that is!) I love my car!

Flooring a Ford Crown Victoria p71
Just randomly flooring my 2005 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor after seafoam motor treatment added. Car has 82000 miles.

Just another day on the freeway. Poor guy probably didn't know what was coming up behind him, all I wanted to do was get past that rock truck!

2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Driving
My new 08 crown vic, just playing around.