The Burn Out 2

GT HO Makes a Mark!

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Wedding Burnout
best wedding burnout smoking rubber shredding tyres

Harley Davidson burnouts after cousins wedding
Just a few burnouts here and there

Paul's "High Roller" Black XY Burnout
Paul fries the rubber on his 20" Gold Player rims on his Black XY GT lookalike. This XY was featured in StreetFords#02 -

Falcon XY 9-second true street car
Arty's Ford XY runs into the 9s for the first time. The car was driven to and from the track and raced in full street trim (3690lb with driver) for consistent 9s and then driven to the pizza shop to celebrate! Dandy Engines powered naturally aspirated 440ci Windsor V8 running on 98-octane pump fuel through the mufflers and street radial tyres. Making 800hp the car has room to improve yet.