The Burn Out 2

GT HO Makes a Mark!

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Wedding Burnout
best wedding burnout smoking rubber shredding tyres

HO775 Chris Christou - Then and Now
Just goes to show that some things never change. Chris Christou at Summernats 1 and again at Summernats 25, and he's still got it. The old Phase III Falcon might look a bit better thanks to modern camera technology but Christou's fist pumping action will never go out of style. Thanks to 25 years of Summernats burnout footage we can bring you classics like this. Subscribe for more classic footage in the future.

leaving wedding burnouts
A wedding leaving the church in Sydney burnouts on main road..

Paul's "High Roller" Black XY Burnout
Paul fries the rubber on his 20" Gold Player rims on his Black XY GT lookalike. This XY was featured in StreetFords#02 -