My silver r33 skyline at Eastern Creek ran a 12.9 on about 13psi n street rubber always love that rush.

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Xr6 Turbo v Skyline GTS t
Relation battle me verses the step sisters man Joel. Old mate got me on the start but i then drove on by him. Both did PB's in this run.

スズキスイフト オンボード '03全日本ダートトライアル 丸和
S2クラス優勝 田崎克典選手

Nissan Silvia S15 Autech Version (non turbo) vs Nissan Skyline R33 GTST
Race for real meet with Pulsar Group Aus on 17/12/2008

R34 GTR 560 KW 25 Psi
R34 GTR Steet launch, 560kw wheels spinning through 3 gears.. Just in case anyone is curious We did get off the throttle at 60 Kph to ensure speed limits were not broken. and it was not really wheel spinning, im just talking it up, and my apoligies to the push bike rider!!