2006 Cobalt SS/SC Vs 2003 Mustang GT

SS has a 2.8 pulley, tune, shorty header, air box mod, muffler, heat exchanger, 60lb injectors. GT has a Bassani ORX and Bassani Cat-back only.

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06 Cobalt SS/SC vs new 5.0 Stang
If you enjoyed this video please be sure to like and subscribe. This was the Mustang drivers first run at the track so i lucked out, his best run of the night was 12.5 . you can see him reeling me in in my mirrors lol. Cobalt 2.263 60', 8.907 @ 83.26 1/8,13.525 @107.92 5.0 2.476 60', 8.858 @ 88.72 1/8, 13.238 @ 111.86

SRT-4 vs cobalt ss
stage 2 srt-4 vs stage 2 cobalt ss, raced three times. have new ones coming pretty soon.. the cobalt is not faster then the srt4.. srt4 just had a bad clutch and was on 11psi.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPTL0G3HH34

Hellcat Charger vs Cobalt SS Hahn Stage 5 & Explosion
Cobalt SS hangs with a Hellcat charger pretty good, then explodes in a comical fashion.

93 Mazda RX7 vs. 06 Chevy Cobalt SS vs. 05 Dodge N