Audi Quattro Experience

A6 handling the winter storm

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Audi Quattro top speed on snow
Forget my skis at home, so i decidet to have fun with my car :)

A Short Demonstration of the Audi Quattro Awd System...
Going to work on a typical winter day in Wisconsin

Driving through first snow winter, Switzerland (Schwyz to Oberiberg)
Travel - Camping - Living Driving with my car from Schwyz to Oberiberg, Switzerland, 10.11.2007. First snow in this winter. Slippery streets and lots of snow. Webseite: Infos zur Kaufentscheidung bei einem Wohnmobil oder Kastenwagen, Denkanstösse zur Sonderausstattung, Checklisten zur Übergabe.

Audi Quattro cars Ice Driving 2008
Here is a compilation of videos set to music from two of the Glacier Lakes Audi club's ice driving events. The song is called "struggle" and is available from the Audi Tracks site.