When Dreams Come True: A European Adventure in a BMW 335i

ORIGINAL BIMMERPOST.COM THREAD WITH OVER 30K VIEWS! http://www.f30post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=737150 August, 2012, My Girlfriend (Vanessa), my cousin (adam) and myself (dominic) took a trip to Europe to take European Delivery of my 2013 BMW M-Sport 335i in Estoril Blue. We drove a total of 1,800 miles in 7 days. Our route took us from munich, through the German Alpine Road to the Neuschwanstein castle, and to Konstanz for the night. Then to Switzerland, where i had the car detailed at the Swissvax factory and detail center, then to Lake Como, Italy. After Como we drove to Genoa (only to spend the night!) on our way to Monaco (Coming in Part 2!) and then drove north to Nurburgring, and ending our trip in Amsterdam! Part 1 Music: 1: Empire of the Sun - Standing on the Shore 2: Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream 3: Deadmau5 - The Veldt (8min. Edit) 4: Phoenix - Lisztomania 5: Empire of the Sun - Half Mast 6: Skrillex - Scary Monsters and nice Sprites (Kaskade Remix)

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2013 BMW 335i review
If you are in the market for a BMW 3 Series, the 335 is the way to go if you can afford the upgrade.

BMW European Delivery, June 2013
2013 BMW 335i European Delivery. Thru Timmelsjoch Pass, Stelvio Pass, Gotthard Pass, and a lap around the Nurburgring just for fun. Thanks to scheerspeed for providing some of the musical inspiration. I shamelessly copied you :) Check out his ED video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiQDiUzC5Kw

BMW 335i (F30) w/ Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System!
In this video you can see a beautiful beautiful Estoril Blue BMW F30 335i with M-Performance Package and fitted with an aftermarket Exhaust: the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System. Follow me: http://www.Gumbal.tv 1st Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/GUMBAL 2nd Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/GUMBALTV 3rd Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/CarChannelClassic FACEBOOK: http://www.fb.com/GUMBALTV INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/GUMBALTV TWITTER: http://Twitter.com/GUMBALTV GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+Gumbal Thanks you for watching my videos. All feedback on my videos are appreciated! Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. More videos coming up! - Hans

My 2015 M4 Delivery Moment at BMW Welt
Follow me on: IG @Powaup Twitter @VitaminClyde Snapchat: Powaup Picking up my 2015 M4 at the BMW Welt along with the 20 other people from the I ///M delivered 2014 Bimmerpost group, (more info on our trip here: http://f80.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1001734 ) AW 6MT Exec Package Adaptive suspension