2006 Toyota Sienna LE Exhaust Rev

2006 Toyota Sienna LE Exhaust Rev with a stock 3.3 liter V6

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2006 Toyota Sienna LE Exhaust Rev Part 2
Toyota Sienna LE Exhaust rev with a 3.3 liter V6

2005 Toyota Sienna Exhaust Notes
This Sienna has the 3.3 v6, and it normally doesn't get a lot of attention since Toyota only made it for a few years. As you can tell by the video VVT-i kicks in hard around 3700-4000 rpm. This 3MZ-FE motor may have a low redline at 5900 rpm, but it's plenty powerful.

2006 Honda Crf 70f Start up
This is a Honda Crf 70f start up with low hours on it . Start up

Toyota Sienna, best winter beater?
Around 3 feet of snow piled up behind this FWD V6 Sienna that hasn't been run for 3 Canadian winter months, AND on summer tires, will it make it out? What happens next is pretty surprising! It smelt like crap afterwards and started smoking quite a bit The aftermath was kind of bad, the engine had started to smoke quite a bit and as you can see, there was a lot of Exhaust coming out of the back. So, is this your next winter beater? Who needs 4 wheel drive when you got FWD!