BPM 197 Clio Cup March 2009

Fun and games at Silverstone in the rain and hail ! Stayed on Slicks due to the time needed to change to wets. Best finish yet - 2nd in class, 11th overall. Camera need going forward really, but we run it back a bit just to check our feet & hands against each other. Hopefully going with 2 cams soon so track view will be loads better

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Clio Cup Le Mans 2009 LATOUR BERTRAND
Course 2 Clio Cup World Series By Renault le Mans 2009 Latour Bertrand

Renault Clio Cup Brands Hatch 2009
Renault Cli Cup Brands Hatch druids 04 April 2009 www.crazyracing.co.uk

WSR Le Mans 2009 / Renault Clio Cup / Course 2
10 premières minutes de la deuxième course de la Renault Clio Cup. Pilote : Philippe Maurin Team : Duprey Competition

Luca Casadei CLIO CUP 2009
Luca Casadei CLIO CUP 2009